Toolbox for acoustic scene creation and rendering

TASCAR is an open-source software platform for real-time interactive virtual acoustic environment rendering in laboratory environments, licensed under GPL-2.0. The source code is hosted at https://github.com/HoerTech-gGmbH/tascar/. Binary packages and commercial support is available from Hörtech gGmbH. For the current user manual (pdf) see manual.pdf. A video tutorial about setting up a session in TASCAR can be found here.

Installation instructions

Latest news

TASCAR 0.214 released

Release of TASCAR for ARM Linux / Raspbian Buster.

TASCAR 0.213 released

A parametric HRTF simulation binaural receiver type was added. The parametrization is based on the Spherical Head Model (SHM) by Brown and Duda (1998) and includes three further low-order filters. This receiver is an outcome of the bachelor thesis of Fenja Schwark.

TASCAR 0.212 released

Source directivity defaults now to omni-directional for volumetric (diffuse) receiver types. This can be overwritten for new source directivity types, e.g, to account for average diffuse radiation frequency response.

TASCAR 0.211 released

A partitioned convolution for for rendering diffuse reverberation based on recorded B-format impulse responses was added, and the simple feedback delay network (FDN) was improved.

TASCAR 0.210 released

A receiver type for rendering to ITU 5.1 speaker layouts was added. Furthermore, a new diffuse reverberation concept was developed, to allow diffuse reverb also in offline simulation and without recursive signal routing. A simple feedback delay network (FDN) was added as a prototype algorithm.

TASCAR 0.209 released

Addition of A weighting to level metering, some GUI improvements and bug fixes. Switching of meter weighting at run-time is now possible.

TASCAR 0.207 released

Improvements of the content authorship and right management system.

TASCAR 0.205 released

Implementation of arbitrary order 3D HOA encoding and decoding, with mode matching and ALLRAD decoder.

Technical paper on TASCAR

The internals of TASCAR are now available as a Open Access journal paper:
Grimm, Giso; Luberadzka, Joanna; Hohmann, Volker. A Toolbox for Rendering Virtual Acoustic Environments in the Context of Audiology. Acta Acustica united with Acustica, Volume 105, Number 3, May/June 2019, pp. 566-578(13), doi:10.3813/AAA.919337

TASCAR 0.200 released

With April 30, 2019, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS reaches end-of-life. Version 0.200 is the last version of TASCAR with support for Ubuntu 14.04.